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Tony Easterby


Tony Wayne Maurice Easterby, born 30th August 1946, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Youngest of nine children. Raised by Sisters/Brothers, having lost both parents by the age of 15. Growing up with a Brother and two Sisters serving in the Australian Army it seemed only natural that the youngest sibling would follow in their footsteps.  Joining the Australian Army at 18 years of age the Author saw active service in Malaysia, Borneo and Vietnam by the age of 22. Wounded in Vietnam in 1968, the Author left the Army a few months later to work the then Father-in-laws farm, Balaklava, South Australia. After an unsuccessful two years of farm life the Author decided to re-enlist in the Services, this time as a Policeman with the Royal Australian Air force. Serving 16 years with the RAAF, combined with Army Service, a total of 22 years Military Service was achieved